Using Cobbler Web Interface

Cobbler Web Interface is a good frontend to easily manage most Cobbler operations. It permits to list, add and edit distros, profiles, subprofiles, systems, repos and kickstart files.  
The setup of the WebUI has changed since version 0.7.x, what follows refers to the "new" way of set up, working from version > 0.7.x.

The Web  Interface can be seen at the address: http://your.cobbler.server/cobbler/web  

You need Apache and Cobbler services running.  

You need to setup a username for accessing it (digest authentication).  
You can change the password for the existing cobbler user:  
htdigest /etc/cobbler/users.digest "Cobbler" cobbler  
Or you can add other usernames/passwords:  
htdigest /etc/cobbler/users.digest "Cobbler" yourname  

Be sure to have in /etc/cobbler/modules the following values:  
module = authn_configfile  
module = authz_allowall

For old Cobbler pre 1.0  versions be sure to have in /etc/cobbler/settings the following values:  
xmlrpc_rw_enabled: 1  
xmlrpc_rw_port: 25152

Restart cobbler service in you changed any of the above settings:
service cobblerd restart

For debugging check these logs:

More complex setups are possible for managing authorization and authentication policies, refer to official documentation for details.

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