Cobbler directories and files

At first sight Cobbler logic about configuration and data files can be confusing.
Let's explore the most important locations of Cobbler world.
What's reported here applies to version 1.x, should work also for future versions and mostly works also for earlier versions, even if Cobbler developers have introduced not irrelevant changes in some files locations.

Configuration Files in /etc/cobbler    
Configuration related items are placed in /etc/cobbler    
Here you find the main configuration file: /etc/cobbler/settings (note that this applies since version 1.x, earlier it was in an ankward /var/lib/cobbler/settings - consider this when upgrading).    
In /etc/cobbler you find also the various default templaces for dhcp, dns, pxe, dnsmasq configuration.
In this directory you find also /etc/cobbler/users.digest where are defined the usernames and passwords for web access, /etc/cobbler/modules.conf for some modules settings (edit this to enable web access) and /etc/cobbler/users.conf for more fine grained settings of users authorizations logics.

Repo data in /var/www/cobbler    
The distros imported, the repos mirrored, the generated repo and kickstart files are all placed in  /var/www/cobbler . Be sure to have enough disk space available under this directory and consider it as something that shouldn't be touched by hand, as most of its parts are regenerated when you type cobbler sync or updated you type cobbler import or cobbler reposync.  
The contents of this directory are browsable at the address: here you find these directories:  
images/ - Kernel and initrd images of all the imported distros for network bootstrap.  
ks_mirror/ - The mirrors of all the imported distros  
repo_mirror/ - The mirrors of all the defined repos   

Logs in /var/log/cobbler  
Cobbler main log is /var/log/cobbler/cobbler.log    
If it's enabled a syslog server for kickstarts in /var/log/cobbler/syslog you find all the installation messages of your systems.    

Cobbler data in /var/lib/cobbler  
All the configurations you make with Cobbler about profiles, systems, distros and so on are placed in this directory. Backup it and you have your cobbler data safe (excluded the mirrors of distros and repos in /var/www/cobbler).  
More precisely you find here:  
configs/ - A directory where info about distros, repos, systems and profiles are saved  
backup/ - A directory where the above files are automatically copied  
snippets/  - A directory where you can place snippets to import in your kickstarts  
triggers/  - A directory where you can place scripts to be executed as triggers on certain operations
kickstarts/  - A directory where there are the kickstart templates (previously in /etc/cobbler)

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