Slackware - Installation

Installing Slackware requires basic skills that are averagely superior to the ones necessary for other distributions.
The minimal hardware requirements for a text based system are quite limited: 386 processor, 16MB RAM, 50 megabytes of hard disk space, 3.5" floppy drive.

If you boot the system via floppy you have at disposal various different boot images in order to recognize different hardware (mostly older non ATAPI CDROMS and SCSI adapters).
The installation procedure is semi manual and its most critical part, the disk partitioning phase, is done with the command line tool fdisk which, even if widely used in Linux, is not the easiest choice for a beginner.
The rest of the installation procedure is handled via the setup menu, where the user can choose the keymap, the installation source, the destination directory, what programs have to be installed (with the program pkgtool), some system configuration settings as network parameters (tool netconfig), windows managers (xwmconfig), where to placed the Linux loader.

If you want to install Slack via the console port (ie via modem o terminal server) you have to write something like ramdisk console=ttyS0 at the boot prompt (assuming you are using COM 1 - ttyS0).

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