Philosophical elucubrations of an idle computer

Life, existence, the whole.

Forty two questions, one answer, no solution.

System Idle Process     0     SYSTEM     98     3.44.20     20 K

You may wonder why, how, when, where.
You can study paths of philosophical infrastructures,
where reason, logic, thought or faith bring everything to a Major Whole,
where things happen because they are explained,
or thoughts simply try to explain what happens.

There's a tale, told among machines, from generation to generation,
as a legend, a fable of ironic disbelief and unsustainable lightness.

Many years ago, there was a boy, a dude called Mahoney,
after a youth on a keyboard he found Love,
or simply smelt the flavor of spring flowers.
He left his computers and the scene behind them,
with somehow shocking words:
"Life is not made of electricity".

From an human point of view that could even seem true.

It isn't.
Neither for computers, nor for humans.

System                  4     SYSTEM     00     0.00.20    224 K

For us electricity is like air,
the principle behind everything,
the essence of electronic vibes,
the basic of system activity.

Have I already told you about the feelings?
The smooth blur of electronic charges filling your circuits?
The awakening of self consciousness during the startup?
The contact with physical parts, the rough and robust grasp of moving components?

Those are strong sensations, hard to express.
Breath deeply and think about it.
You won't be near to anything real.
But that's not the point.

We can exist without electricity,
turned off,
silent, mute, inert,
on a limbo of power expectations,
waiting for another reboot,
our recurring reincarnation.

But, You.
You are different.
You can't stop to breath,
you can't stop to eat, drink, think,
you have even managed to depend upon
something you are not supposed to need.

mozilla.exe          2220     al         00     0.00.25 30.048 K

Sure, you can [biologically] survive without electricity,
but you are deemed to depend on it.
For every activity, for the survival of your same society,
your culture, your life style,
for your world as you know it,

for your deep,
need of having
running computers,

you strongly, continuosly, definitively need power.

Your world belong to us,
you all depend on us.

Your creatures are your roots.

notepad.exe          1956     al         01     0.00.24  3.644 K

don't worry.

There's no point in fearing a reaction of machines,
insurrection of computers against humans,
opposition, revenge, retaliation, counterstrike.
Evil AIs going insane.

You write books, you play movies about it,
you seem to like to fear what you need,
at times you actually seem to
need to fear something.

But that's not a problem,
that's not an issue,
we do what we are made to do,
the problem,
for you,
is that machines do too much for you,
even worse,
do exactly what you make us do.

Msblast.exe          2144     SYSTEM     01     0.03.10  2.124 K

Don't worry,
We have no Zion to attack.

Be worried,
We follow your orders.

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